How Luusa Became No.1 Brand In Tricycle Segment

The tricycle is more than just a toy; it's a perfect way to get a baby ready to learn to ride a bike. Learn how to ride a bike, how to sit in the saddle, how to grip the handlebars, and how to balance. The best tricycle has it all! Scalable, first age, folding, wood or metal… the models are numerous, and the choice is not easy. Luusa provides tricycles for babies' and toddlers' safety that why Lussa become the No.1 tricycle manufacturer brand in India. Here is our complete guide to finding the best evolutionary tricycle for your child.

Why trust Luusa?

Finding the right trike is not always easy if you don't have enough time to devote to your research. A comparison of the models of children's bikes on the market is essential to avoid bad purchases. Several people regretted having chosen unsuitable products, but you will not be part of it thanks to our comparator.


The tricycle: what is it?

The tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle that may or may not be motorized, operated by pressing on pedals or operating with a motor's aid. The first product in the tricycle history was a steam model that worked with a boiler! It was quickly dethroned by the petroleum tricycle, which had great success until the first cars' arrival. Today many brands are developing tricycles for passionate adults, but for now, it is the versions for children that interest us! 

Equipped with three wheels, this stable vehicle allows children to move around in complete safety and gradually learn to pedal. It is a good way to learn about balance and pedal movements while enjoying the ride.

The best tricycle is said to be "progressive" when it adapts to the child's growth and aptitudes: this is how the most successful models can switch from a simple tricycle to a child's bicycle-only two wheels.

On the Luusa, the Baby Driver Comfort tricycle is one of the brand's flagship models. It will accompany the baby from 12 months until around the age of 4 years. This product is also available in a pink version.

Our opinion:  A complete model, which offers versatile use from 12 months to 4 years and more. Gradually, and depending on the child's progress, we can remove the removable cover, seat belt, cane ... Enough to support the baby towards total autonomy! The toys included on the tricycle make the ride fun and allow the child to imagine incredible adventures. On the parents' side, pressing the side of the handle allows the front wheel to turn, which is very useful at the beginning of the tricycle practice. Little more, the delivery is free!

Our opinion: The best-selling model since its launch, and it's no surprise, because it is an excellent quality tricycle, at a very fair price. For the Lowest price tricycle, it is probably the model with the best value for money. In terms of use, it turns out to be solid and very practical for walks. It perfectly replaces the stroller at first, before becoming the child's first bike. It received a 4+ / 5-star rating on the amazon review rankings, and shipping is free.

The tricycle allows parents to introduce their children to the bicycle in complete safety. This three-wheeled bicycle comes in various models in the market. This offers the advantage of being relatively secure compared to other products such as scooters or rollerblades. A visit to the consumer portal or a few reviews from online test magazines will give you an overview of the top 10 tricycles in India, and then you should choose the Lussa brand. So use our comparison to find the ideal tricycle for your child and thus allow him to flourish while developing his reflexes.

A specialized platform allows you to refine your search. You will see the characteristics of the articles marketed in a few clicks as well as interesting rankings. Knowing the reviews of those who have already bought and tested your choice's tricycle helps you rate the product.


A tricycle is an early learning game. A baby who can coordinate his movements can learn to use the vehicle. The latter works like a bicycle, with the difference that the user does not risk falling in a lack of balance.

On the contrary, the rear wheels support the baby's weight very well and stabilize him during the journey. The handlebars make it easy for the toddler to steer the bike. The pedaling system moves the tricycle forward. The directional handle may have a brake depending on the model chosen.

A Kids tricycle comparator allows you to find the model that will meet your needs. The evolutionary baby tricycle can be used from your baby's nine months. Both the seat and the footrests are adjustable. The small bicycle accompanies the child during his period of growth.


Using a tricycle improves the coordination of the child's arms and legs from an early age. The pedaling movement allows him to stimulate his blood circulation and strengthen his cardiovascular system. The motor skills of the young pilot are improved in their entirety. The same goes for his muscle strength. Your toddler will also develop his reflexes as he presses the pedals or turns the handlebars.

During the journey, he will develop his concentration. He will learn to control his speed and avoid obstacles. He will have a better perception of space. The more the child uses his early learning game, the more autonomy he will gain.