What To Gift Your Baby When They Turn 3?

A three-year-old baby has changed a lot compared to the last two years. To welcome the arrival of their third year, have parents thought of some exciting gifts to give their toddlers? 

Most boys like all kinds of cars and toys with various weapons. Boys of all ages have an extraordinary love for vehicles, even a 3-year-old boy. Anything related to the cycles and bikes can attract the baby's attention, such as all kinds of tricycles and baby cycles.

Babies over 3 years old have greatly improved their athletic ability and balance. At this time, you can prepare a cool balance car for your baby. After the child learns to ride a tricycle, they can directly transition to a two-wheeled bicycle with pedals installed, which is good for cultivating the baby's athletic ability. However, this type of car is entirely driven by the baby. If the baby is not naturally moving, he may not be very interested.

Lussa Tricycle- The Perfect Gift For Your Little One

The children's tricycle is suitable for babies over 18 months old. It can be transitioned from a stroller to a baby tricycle. It is an artifact for walking babies. You can find the best baby tricycles online from Lussa. After the baby gradually grows up, the handle is removed and he can ride independently.

It is always a veteran of domestic products, and this promotional price can reach 160 yuan. Widened and enlarged tires, adjustable retractable pedals, support one-button folding, the wrap-around seat is more comfortable and safe, practical and enlarged storage basket, can place a cup holder, and flexible push handle to ensure the safety of the baby.

In Europe and the United States, the tricycle is called First Bike. The tricycle car is also called an "educational exercise" by the German medical community to improve the baby's coordination and motor skills.

According to experts when kids learn to ride a tricycle in their early years, then they get a good sense of directions, they become good at multitasking which is an amazing practice to improve a child's growth and development.

Let's Have A Look At Some Amazing Tricycle Options At Luusa Tricycles-

R1 Tricycle 

luusa r1 tricycle

The armrest on the handle is comfortable to grip, and the bold triangular body rotates flexibly, which is stable, safe, and easy to ride. The small storage basket under the car, in addition to the fresh colour and high value, can also place some necessities for the baby, which is very practical. This kids tricycle price is very reasonable.


luusa rx 250

The dual-purpose baby tricycle can be described as a baby walking artefact with both high appearance and practicality. The design of the seat belt is added intimately to make the baby ride more safely and comfortably. The built-in guide design prevents the feet from being pinched, even if the baby is active, there is no need to worry about pinching the little feet. This is our best-selling Luusa baby cycle.

RX-500 Plug N Play Kids / Baby Tricycle

luusa rx 500

It is very suitable for a stroller with double treasures at home. The sturdy material has a strong bearing capacity to ensure the safety of the child. The special double design enables the child to quickly realise the meaning of double cooperation, learn to master the balance ability, and make the child more comfortable with riding.

These childhood gifts are long remembered and cherished by your kids, so choose your gifts wisely.

A tricycle will be a new learning experience at this young age.

When your child is riding the tricycle, holding the rails with both hands, stepping on the ground with one foot, and stepping on the pedal with one foot are beneficial to the baby's balance ability and coordinated movement of the upper and lower limbs.